Vehicle Classes to be Judged

For those that want to be judged...

Not everyone wishes to have their vehicle judged during the 'Grand Show' in Polson Park, but for those that enjoy the challenge, please notify us in the appropriate box when you register. You will have to enter what 'class' is the most appropriate for your vehicle. (Your vehicle may be able to go into a variety of classes, but you must choose yourself what class you are entering). For reference, vehicle classes are noted below. For 2022, we've added a class for the 'Deuce Coupe', in celebration of 90 years of hot rodding innovation.


Vehicle Classes

1)-Most Outstanding Deuce Coupe

2)-Best Motorcycle

3)-Best Truck, STOCK

4)-Best Truck, CUSTOM

5)-Best Original Survivor

6)-Best Import

7)-Best Rat Rod

8)-Best Convertible

9)-Best Resto-Mod

10)-Best Built By Owner

11)-Best ‘Classic, Antique & Brass’ to 1947, STOCK

12)- Best ‘Classic, Antique and Brass’ to 1947, CUSTOM

13)-Best ‘Chrome and Fins’ 1948 – 1963, STOCK

14)- Best ‘Chrome and Fins’ 1948 – 1963, CUSTOM

15)-Best Modern Sports/Import/Exotic 1986+

16)-Best Modern Domestic Muscle, 1986+

17)-Best GM Muscle, 1964-1971

18)-Best Ford Muscle, 1964-1971

19)-Best Mopar Muscle, 1964-1971

20) Best GM Muscle, 1972-1985

21)- Best Ford Muscle , 1972-1985

22)-Best Mopar Muscle, 1972-1985

Celebrating the Deuce.jpg