Vernon, BC


Welcome to Vernon, British Columbia Canada.  We are a four-season playground and everything you need to plan a fantastic trip.  Vernon is located at the north end of the sunny Okanagan and with the pristine Kalamaka and Okanagan Lakes, and the wonderful countryside, you will love Vernon and our small town hospitality.

There is a lot to do and see in the Okanagan, lot to enjoy at any time. We recommend viewing the following video - 


There is a good reference website for accommodations in the Vernon area. Click the hotel icon to go to that reference site.

At the left is a vertical menu categorizing the type of places you may be looking for, such as Motels, Hotels, to camping sites. Choose any of the menu items there and find what suits you. 

Enjoy your visit to our car show and your stay in Vernon!


Departing the Car Show in Polson Park

Please note that when departing the show at Polson Park, the easiest and safest route is to turn right on #6, then either left on 27th, or continue to Kalamaka Lake Rd to gain access to Hwy #97.

A Google map below provides some reference for you.